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Ashley S
Ashley S
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"We had a warehouse floor resurfaced with epoxy in Allentown, and they worked well with our team to coordinate the plan to get the work done while continuing our operations. We appreciated how smoothly everything went, and finished ahead of schedule. Would definitely recommend them for your epoxy floor work! Great job guys! Thank you!"
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We Couldn’t be happier with the way my epoxy floor turned out, Kyle and Kevin did an amazing job! Everyone was very responsive and had my project done fast and easy, I highly recommend Lehigh Valley Epoxy Coatings for any epoxy concrete coating service!”
Lizzie S
Lizzie S
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"We are a small manufacturing business in the Lehigh Valley area. We have used Lehigh Valley Epoxy Coatings to coat our concrete floors for us. We were so impressed the first time that we didn't even consider using anyone else the second time."

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Commercial Epoxy Floor

Commercial Epoxy

Upgrade your commercial space with the unmatched durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal of epoxy flooring.

Ironclad Durability: Epoxy floors withstand heavy foot traffic, equipment wear, and chemical spills – perfect for warehouses, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities.

Enhanced Safety: The slip-resistant surface minimizes the risk of accidents, keeping employees and customers safe.

Easy Maintenance: Reduce cleaning costs and downtime with a low-maintenance floor that’s easy to keep clean.

Improved Hygiene: Epoxy floors create a seamless, non-porous surface that resists bacteria growth, promoting a healthier environment.

Epoxy Flooring East Stroudsburg

Custom Epoxy Floors

Unleash your creativity with customized epoxy floors!

Transform your man cave, garage, basement, or any space into a one-of-a-kind showpiece with a floor designed to match your vision.

Endless design possibilities: Go beyond the ordinary with custom colors, metallic accents, flakes, chips, stained logos, and even 3D effects!

The ultimate man cave statement : Create a floor that reflects your personality and sets the perfect tone for your hangout spot.

Unmatched durability and performance: Epoxy floors are tough enough to handle anything your man cave throws at them – resistant to spills, stains, and heavy traffic.


Epoxy Flooring Easton, PA

Lehigh Valley Epoxy

Revamp your Lehigh Valley space!

Choose from classic elegance with our solid-colored floors, or add a touch of modern flair with our metallic finishes.

Our fully flaked options provide superior strength and safety, perfect for high-traffic areas.

Unleash your creativity with Lehigh Valley Epoxy’s custom flooring! Design the dream floor for your man cave, basement, or any space.

We offer a wide range of customization options, including unique colors, metallic accents, decorative flakes, and even 3D effects.

All our epoxy floors are easy to maintain, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your beautiful space.

Epoxy Floor Garage

Solid Epoxy Coatings

Elevate your space with the sleek sophistication of solid colored epoxy floors!

These seamless, high-gloss floors offer unmatched durability, easy maintenance, and a stunning aesthetic perfect for homes, businesses, and more.

Classic beauty, modern performance:
Solid colored epoxy floors combine timeless elegance with superior functionality.

Unmatched durability: Enjoy a tough, long-lasting surface resistant to scratches, stains, and chemicals – ideal for high-traffic areas.

Effortless maintenance: Say goodbye to tedious cleaning! 


Fully Flaked Epoxy

Say goodbye to dull concrete! Fully flaked epoxy floors deliver unmatched strength, style, and safety for your home, garage, or business. These floors boast:

Rock-solid durability: Enjoy a floor that’s resistant to scratches, chips, and harsh chemicals – perfect for high-traffic areas and workshops.

Enhanced safety: Flakes provide excellent slip resistance, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Easy to clean and maintain: Spend less time maintaining your floors and more time enjoying them.

Wide variety of styles: Choose from a vast array of flake colors and sizes to create a customized, designer look.

Epoxy Flooring East Stroudsburg

Metallic Epoxy

Transform your space with stunning, high-performance metallic epoxy floors!

These unique floors combine the durability of epoxy with a mesmerizing, three-dimensional metallic effect.

Unmatched visual appeal: Create a show-stopping floor with a one-of-a-kind, reflective, metallic finish.

Superior durability: Enjoy a tough, long-lasting floor resistant to scratches, stains, and chemicals  ideal for high-traffic areas.

Endless design possibilities: Choose from a wide variety of colors and metallic accents to match your style.

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